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THE SUMMER EXHIBITION PART 2 13TH August – 2nd September 2022

THE SUMMER EXHIBITION PART 2 13TH August – 2nd September 2022



13th August – 2nd September 2022

“Stone is an ancient, natural part of the earth. It is not true to say that stone is a hard material. With respect, patience and humility, one can achieve stone’s consent to be worked.”  Louise Plant 2022

On first observing the exquisite sculptures by Louise Plant, it is easy to become captivated with their flawless surface and impeccable accuracy of form. However, on closer observation, it quickly becomes apparent that the complexity of her sculptures and the meticulous mathematical knowledge required to create such an impression of seemingly effortless beauty is indeed profound.

Fascinated by movement and how it occupies space, Louise creates dynamically fluid sculpture from solid, motionless materials. Specific new works such as Marilyn 2, Eldoreeze, Regatta VI.6, Abyssal, and Mussel Bound are focused on unseen forms and spaces moving through and under water. Louise has been guided in her research by investigative underwater photographs to capture the underlying equilibrium as the water moves, as well as the idiosyncrasies in nature.

'Mussel Bound', a sculpture made from Nero Marquina Marble, 32cm x 24cm x 24cm by Louise Plant
‘Mussel Bound’ Nero Marquina Marble 32cm x 24cm x 24cm by Louise Plant

The culmination of her studies into the movement of water, alongside her obvious technical ability to manipulate impossibly hard materials such as limestone or marble result in sculptures that perfectly combine these two opposing aspects. In faultlessly carved structures with impeccably smooth surfaces, Louise succeeds in the inconceivable; to make stone act like water.

Other works in the exhibition include ‘The Ps’ which are interactive and accessible. They possess ambiguous orientation without necessity for base or plinth. Each individual ‘P’ stands alone or interacts with another forming a single or multiple sculptural mass. Unique in form, not fixed, the configuration of the individual or the group changes with relation to context and location. Owners of Ps can enjoy engaging with the placement to create the perfect sculpture within their own home environment.

Louise Plant completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Arts Practice at the University of Derby in 2003. From 2006-8 she was a mentee of Helaine Blumenfield, OBE. In 2007, she was awarded the Brian Mercer Scholarship at Fondazione Sem, Pietrasanta, Italy. She holds an impressive Exhibiting history and has won numerous awards including Arts Council ‘Year of the Artist’ Award in 2000 and The Bohuslans Stone Scholarship, Sweden in 2014. Her work is held in many private collections and public commissions throughout England. In 2014 she became an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors (FRSS) and in 2021 became a permanent Gallery Artist at Artwave West.

To compliment the sculptures, The Summer Exhibition will include a wonderful collection of new paintings from all of our gallery artists!