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The Spring Exhibition 4th March – 10th April 2021

The Spring Exhibition 4th March – 10th April 2021

‘The Spring Exhibition

As we head for better times it is a delight to present our online Spring Exhibition!

We are excited to introduce to the gallery the beautiful paintings by the highly sort after artist, Jill Campbell. Jill is inspired by the ancient mining landscape of the North East of England. Using the abstract shapes she sees – the mounds, dips and curves as motifs – and combining them with the mood of the dramatic skies is her starting point to making a painting. Jill has regularly been selected for prestigious Art Competitions including The New Light Art Prize, The Beep Painting Prize, the RBSA Prize Exhibition and the RA Summer Show.

Another new artist that had her debut with us last year and immediately sold out is Anne Wallace. Nature is at the heart of Anne’s painting. The arrangement of colours she uses within a painting can stir a memory or feeling – giving the viewer a moment of contemplation such as gazing out to sea or across the distant landscape. Anne is an elected member of the Newlyn Society of Artists and lives and works in Cornwall.

Contemporary art entitled ‘Nebula’ by Amy Albright, Oil on canvas 100cm x 100cm
‘Nebula’ by Amy Albright, Oil on canvas 100cm x 100cm

It is with great pleasure that we  also include the beautiful, mysterious paintings by the highly renowned artist, Jenny Pockley. Jenny’s paintings whether clouds, waves or Alpine appear to be suspended in time. They are still, beautiful; imagery created by the fall of light. Brush marks or evidence of the artist’s activities are absent; the surface is smooth and softened to enhance the mystery in these works. The paintings cultivate the viewer’s emotions and assimilate memories and yet are representative of all times. They verge on the abstract as the viewer becomes absorbed by the subtle play of colours reminiscent of Rothko. 

Over the last year, Martin Goold has been making drawings based on the local Devon and Dorset countryside. The latest, ’Full Moon Cobb’ is an atmospheric moonlit view of the historic Cobb in Lyme Regis. The clean white reflection on the sea, the shadows of the hills and Golden Cap on the other side of the bay and moonlight caught in the cloudy sky create drama and mystery. Martin is an elected member of the Pastel Society and continues to exhibit with The Mall Galleries and Artwave West.

The diversity of the Spring Exhibition continues with our newly elected Gallery Artist, Helen Slater. Captured in Helen’s highly accomplished glass artworks  are landscapes that seem to float in time like a memory. Mysteriously suspended in a gleaming transparent glass form a delicate vision emerges: a field, an oak tree, a path through woods or a copse. Soft colours of lavender, plum or pale yellow within the shimmering reflective glass provide an atmospheric lustre into which darker lines and fragile thread-like strands form into the image of a landscape.

Robert Hewer, our youngest Gallery Artist is rapidly attracting a growing with his convincing depiction of the face and figure and in a clever twist these new pieces take on a personality of their own. We now see Robert’s subject move into the landscape. His trademark vitality and strength of mark making is still abundant but this new work has evolved with an abstract confidence that collectors will admire. 

Donna Goold, hot after her Solo Exhibition last month has created some new night paintings. Continuing to work in oil pigment sticks on aluminium, Donna has captured the night in paintings that glow with florescent colour. ‘Hunter’s Moon’ is a particular example of how much colour can be seen in the night sky as what light there is bounces off the water.

Amy Albright has been exhibiting at Artwave West for twelve years and yet her paintings are always fresh. You may be transported to a misty evergreen lakeside, a distant coastal cliff shrouded by mist or deep underwater in a turquoise expanse. Amy’s subjects can be vast, sometimes veering towards abstract, other times recognisable landscapes, but there is always an element of intrigue and unknown. An explorer and lover of the natural world, the underwater world and the ever changing elements; Amy takes inspiration from her travels, recently Iceland and the dynamic changing weather, tides and coastline of Cornwall where she lives. The boundaries of where land and water merge is an ongoing and perhaps never ending focus for the artist.

View more works by these artists on the Buy Art page, or contact the gallery for any specific requirements and we will send you images of other available works.