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‘Spectacular Skies’ A Donna Goold Solo Exhibition 16th January to 26th February 2021

‘Spectacular Skies’ A Donna Goold Solo Exhibition 16th January to 26th February 2021

Due to Covid Restrictions, any enquiries about purchasing from the exhibition during the lockdown can be made via email or by phone.

‘Spectacular Skies’ A Donna Goold Solo Exhibition featuring 20 new paintings.

Donna Goold’s paintings are an exploration of colour and light observed simply by looking up into the sky. Although different motifs may appear in her paintings – a tree, a field or a road – the viewer is still pulled back to the overriding power and drama of the sky. Even in her ‘night paintings’ where the tone can be overwhelmingly dark, she will use a flash of orange or florescent pink to symbolise how the light is still present – somewhere.

Donna emphasises the colour she sees, interpreting it in a more vibrant way than truly exists; treasuring even the most subtle tones and transforming them into intense marks. She often chooses to include a view of water in her compositions – the sea, the river or even a road wet from rain – exploiting the subject to reflect the colour and gain the maximum impact of what is emanating from the sky.

Artist, Donna Goold sitting in chair in front of two large paintings entitled ‘Plumage of the Skies’ and ‘Lavender Whisper’
Donna Goold with ‘Plumage of the Skies’ and ‘Lavender Whisper’

Choosing to reject paint brushes, Donna works purely by hand with high quality pigment oil sticks. This gives her complete control of the surface, and with even a very soft stroke the paint can be moved around to reveal layers beneath. Tiny details and fingerprints left that only reveal themselves in certain light give a personal touch to the painting.

Favouring a smooth surface, she often works on aluminium; this acts like a mirror allowing the colour to resonate and become even more intense. Donna chooses to frame her work in a very deep white moulding. The pure white surround gives the final amplification to the beauty of the colour while also giving the painting the room that it now needs to breathe.

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