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Robert Hewer Feature Exhibition 3rd – 31st October 2020

Robert Hewer Feature Exhibition 3rd – 31st October 2020


We first noticed Robert Hewer’s paintings in his Degree Show at Bath School of Art and Design in 2013. We selected him from hundreds of graduates as his abundance of talent was so clearly apparent, and we have been delighted to represent him ever since. Making him a Gallery Artist in 2019, this will be his first Feature Exhibition at Artwave West.

Robert Hewer is a master at manipulating paint. The result of his labours being that his works are not only visually stunning but also technically brilliant.

He begins by layering acrylic paint, and goading his chosen motif – often the human figure – in and out of the background. Slowly, a figure emerges out of the surface, becoming a part of it and in some places even losing the division between its surroundings altogether.

Beat of the Drum 100cm x 100cm, a contemporary portrait painting of man by Robert Hewer
Beat of the Drum 100cm x 100cm

Skilfully, and with controlled final touches in oil paint, Robert enables us to focus on the face that appears, the expression of the sitter giving us the clue to the mystery of the painting and hinting at the thoughts this ethereal manifestation.

The emotion behind his portraits is tangible; their voices captured forever in a moment in time. As you look deeper into the painting, the character can almost disappear as the brush marks take over and you are confronted once again with the physicality of the paint itself.

For this Feature Exhibition, Robert has also produced several still life paintings. Enjoying the freedom this subject allows, we witness Robert’s complete confidence in using his talent to handle paint, resulting in paintings that convey a sense of playfulness adding a contrast and freshness to the Exhibition.