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Rejuvenation 4th – 28th May 2021

Rejuvenation 4th – 28th May 2021

4TH – 28TH MAY 2021


Accompanied with Ceramics by Victoria Meadows

Sophie Capron aspires to capture the past – the history of a place, whether that be the crumbling walls from hundreds of years ago or modern graffiti marks. She transforms these images by rejuvenating them into a new vision; an artwork that represents the passing of time, and yet also becomes something new and beautiful in its own right.

Choosing to work with recycled paint forms an integral part of her activity. Whether it is the surplus material from a friend refurbishing their front room or a paint donation from a neighbour emptying their shed; the material already has a history before it even begins its new journey.

Sophie has created this new body of work during the transformative year we have all shared. It is a time we will never forget and it is empowering to view such a strong, positive collection with an optimistic eye for the future.

It is a delight to introduce to the gallery, the ceramics by Victoria Meadows, to complement Sophie’s Exhibition.

“I gain great satisfaction capturing a moment in time etched on a surface, always unpredictable, sometimes astonishing, a cause for celebration.” Victoria Meadows 2021

Contemporary painting entitled ‘Cornucopia’ by artist Sophie Capron, using recycled materials 100cm x 100cm
‘Cornucopia’ by Sophie Capron, Recycled materials 100cm x 100cm
‘Large Tulip Pot’ by ceramicist Victoria Meadows, Ceramic vase, 35cm high
‘Large Tulip Pot’ by Victoria Meadows, Ceramic, 35cm high