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Radiance: Jeannette Hayes PPPS Solo Exhibition 28th April – 25th May 2022

Radiance: Jeannette Hayes PPPS Solo Exhibition 28th April – 25th May 2022


Jeannette Hayes PPPS

Solo Show

28th April – 25th May

Alive with a dynamic expressive energy, this new collection of landscapes in soft pastels and vibrant oils by the former President of The Pastel Society, Jeannette Hayes, resonate with a liberated optimistic creativity. 

In works that are constructed out of lines and blocks of evocative colour, abstract activity is finely balanced with landscape reference. A love of the exquisiteness and drama of the natural world conveys itself in the drawn marks, gestures and accents of colour.

Contemporary grey, orange and white painting by Jeannette Hayes entitled 'Spring Green' oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm framed
‘Spring Green’ Oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm framed by Jeannette Hayes PPPS

Colour plays a central role – titles often contain a colour: ‘Red Garden, ‘Night Pink, or ‘Blue Vessel’ – setting an ambient mood to the recording of her experience of a place. This gives the works a poetic quality that is in keeping with the way they were conceived. Pressure of mark has tremendous range to it, at times heavily wrought and indicative of solidity and mass in the natural landscape, at other times sensitively diffuse and expressive of air or vapour. 

In animated paintings of great vitality, where superfluous detail is omitted in favour of expression, there emerges a moving vision, full of life and sound, all the more poignant at this moment in our history.