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  • Yellow Moon, contemporary art by Heather Duncan, 58cm x 88cm, oil on linen
  • Contemporary painting by Heather Duncan called 'Yellow Moon' mounted in a white frame on a white wall
  • Bottom left-hand corner of contemporary painting by Heather Duncan in a white frame
  • Close-up detail of a contemporary painting by Heather Duncan called 'Yellow Moon'
  • Modern art by Heather Duncan, hanging on wall above bed

Yellow Moon


by: Heather Duncan

size: 58cm x 88cm

type: Oil on linen

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“Landscape is at the very centre of my ‘self’. I lose myself within it, and equally, can find myself when immersed in it. I find that a walk into the landscape can help to order my thoughts, dispel my troubles, give clarity and space. I walk, regardless of weather, enjoying the rain in the wind as it blows and swirls; or the sun as it warms your back, the side of your face or makes you shade your eyes as it shines into your eyes.  All weathers, all times. This painting is born of those walks, stomping out onto the moors, listening to the wind and watching the birds soar and jumble in the gusts.”

A beautiful painting on linen featuring gentle, subtle colours and set in a luxury frame.