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  • Grasses- Black and Light Plum-1 Front lit
  • Grasses- Black and Light Plum-1 Back lit
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by: Helen Slater

size: 20cm x 20cm x 3cm

type: Layered Light Plum and Opaline Glass with Black Enamel drawings

These pieces are cast in the kiln, during which at least two glass drawings are floated in the semi-liquid glass.
In addition to the images these new works have begun to explore colour and in so doing create a personal colour pallet. To do this, Helen has working with an Opaline Glass, which changes from clear/transparent to white opaque depending upon how it is heated in the kiln. This overlay, of a controllable semi-white element, allows her to produce subtle hues and pastels within the glass composition. This also enables the perceived colour of the glass to shift as the light source changes.

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