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‘NATURE IN ART’ 8th JULY – 9th AUGUST 2023

‘NATURE IN ART’ 8th JULY – 9th AUGUST 2023

Nature in Art

An Exhibition of paintings by Paul Denham and Glass Sculptures by Helen Slater 8th July – 9th August 2023

Paul Denham’s paintings take us on a journey into the history of the landscape of the North of England. 

Paul begins work by carving into a prepared white ground before flooding the surface with layers of colour. The result achieved is subtle and yet also full of drama.  His vision reveals spectacular hillsides full of deep marks and grooves that represent years of hidden geology. When set against a looser, light filled sky, the connection to nature is profound. 

The viewer is led right into the painting through hinted pathways and along the edges of streams, as if climbing the hills depicted was really possible. One heads for the summit where the light is promising a warm arrival and the view beyond fills the imagination. 


Contemporary landscape painting by Paul Denham

Helen Slater’s pieces are cast in the kiln, during which at least two glass drawings are floated in the semi-liquid glass. 

In addition to the images these new works have begun to explore colour and in so doing create a personal colour pallet. To do this, Helen has been working with an Opaline Glass, which changes from clear/transparent to white opaque depending upon how it is heated in the kiln. This overlay, of a controllable semi-white element, allows Helen to produce subtle hues and pastels within the glass composition. This also enables the perceived colour of the glass to shift as the light source changes.

In Pieces such as ‘Back Field’ the sky changes from deep orange to pink then blue depending on the direction of light. 

Despite the different approaches, both Helen and Paul have the desire to capture nature at the very heart of their work, and visitors to this exhibition will be enchanted by their work. 

Contemporary glass art depicting tree and countryside fields by artist Helen Slater