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‘Luminous’ The Winter Collection 2nd November to 19th December 2020

‘Luminous’ The Winter Collection 2nd November to 19th December 2020

Due to Covid Restrictions, any enquiries about purchasing from the exhibition during the lockdown can be made via email or by phone.

The final Exhibition at Artwave West for 2020 in what can only be described as a turbulent year is titled Luminous. It signifies that there is radiance and hope all around us as we navigate through these difficult times. Sometimes something as simple as looking out your window for a few moments at the view – whatever that may be – and noticing how the light falls can remind you of happier times and we certainly feel that art can also generate that feeling. People often choose an artwork as they form some kind of connection to it; perhaps it triggers a fond memory of a place or moment in their past. Often this can be as simple as a colour, shape or abstract mark.

So we invite you to fill your home with art – remind yourselves of travels long ago and use art to escape back to those happy times!

The Exhibition will be the most diverse of the year. Including a special selection of small artworks priced from £300 – £1000 to help with Christmas gifting.

Glass art by Helen Slater depicting a tree and countryside scene

Artists include Jenny Pockley whose selection of works consists of one of the largest and the smallest in the show!  Gallery favourites, Amy Albright, Jeannette Hayes PPS, Suchi Chidambaram, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf and Paul Denham will all have new works. And of course, Martin Goold and Donna Goold will have their latest works but perhaps not as you will have seen them before!

We are delighted to include two new Gallery Artists; Elfyn Lewis and Helen Slater whose landscape inspired work, flickering between abstraction and figuration, promises to excite, surprise and enlighten the viewer.

Elfyn’s captivating painted surfaces in strong atmospheric colour, tonal variation and emphatic gesture contain a multitude of textures, sweeps, ripples, edges and colour screens. Transparency meets opacity, luminosity contrasts with solidity, and the movement of paint through layering, pushing and dragging feels active and exciting.

Forming part of the show will be a Virtual Landscape by Helen Slater. Following Helen’s PhD research into glass lenticular lens and imagery, she has created an animated virtual landscape within glass. It is a very complex work and is totally unique in its use of glass lenticular technology and we are pleased to include it in the Luminous Exhibition. You can read more about Helen and Elfyn on the Gallery Artists page.