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‘LIFE’ A SOLO EXHIBITION BY HEATHER DUNCAN 31st January – 23rd February 2024

‘LIFE’ A SOLO EXHIBITION BY HEATHER DUNCAN 31st January – 23rd February 2024


A Solo Exhibition by Heather Duncan

31st January – 23rd February

What better way to start the Exhibition programme of 2024 than with a powerful Solo Exhibition by Heather Duncan!

Heather’s paintings are always very popular, buyers return repeatedly to be the first to view her newest works. One of the most significant aspects of Heather’s work is that although instantly recognisable as hers, every painting has a different story to tell; no two pieces are ever the same. 

This show will be one that we can all relate to, whatever our own personal experiences. Aptly titled ‘Life’, these latest oil paintings combine Heather’s familiar expressive use of colour and texture with a new resilience; one that is forward looking and exploratory. 

A commanding piece in the exhibition titled, ‘Woman’ can be initially considered brooding. A lone figure stands rooted within a landscape that she is deeply connected to; head bowed, emanating a quiet strength. Undiminished by the tragedies that have befallen, rather, changed by them and able to find the light and joy of living in the present. As we view the painting, ‘Woman’ appears like a mighty rising mountain within the landscape, and we admire her resilience.

‘The Walk’ is Heathers most recent piece. It depicts a long early summer walk in Brittany, taking in beaches and cliffs and an ever-changing coastal landscape, rich with archaeology and the marks of mankind upon the landscape. As you take a personal journey around the painting, literally climbing steps and crossing bridges – you realise that every part of the painting has a reason to be there, and is just waiting for your own interpretation. 

Distinctive and unique once again, the painting, ‘Venice Dreams’ has a completely different vibe. Motifs of boats and vessels are combined with elements of canals and windows from facades that overlook the canals. Shapes suggest the Churches and Palaces, the colour palette references the stucco on the buildings, the changing light on the water and the architecture.

As ever, Heather has produced a glorious new collection, combined with some favourites from the previous year, this promises to be an exceptional show and reinforces why Artwave West has won ‘Gallery of the Year’ by three separate Awards programmes! 

‘Woman’ Oil on canvas 103cm x 88cm
‘The Walk’ Oil on canvas, 98cm x 98cm
‘Venice Dreams’ Oil on canvas, 88cm x 114cm