Winter Exhibition 11th November – 23rd December 2016

‘Grove’ by Bill Zima 76cm 90cm framed

Winter Exhibition 11th November – 23rd December 2016

The Traditional Grand Finale Exhibition will introduce Chicago born artist, Bill Zima with his unique ‘Tree’ paintings created with oil on panel with a beeswax glaze.

The Vice President of the Society of Women Artists, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, having joined Artwave West earlier in the year will be exhibiting her beautiful portraits depicting the cycle of life. We are delighted to include the latest oil paintings by the very popular Amy Albright.  In paintings of great richness and sensitivity, she allows glimpses into a world that is not always visible to the naked eye.

Highly minimalist works by Susan Laughton with titles such as ‘Vessel’ and Relic’ feature alongside the finely layered oil works painted by hand by Donna Goold. Further talents in this show include Paul Denham, whose evocative landscapes capture wild open moorland making us contemplate nature’s mysterious qualities and its elemental changes. Finally, large scale, bold coloured paintings finely balanced between accident and control by Kathryn Stevens will excite visitors.

Finishing on the 23rd December, this promises to be a fabulous end to the year!

Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 4pm or by appointment.


the veil

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

‘The Veil’                          119cm x 119cm

Reach 120x100

Bill Zima

‘Reach’ 120cm x 100cm

in good hands

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

‘In Good Hands’ 60cm x 60cm

Contemplation 100 x 100cm oil on canvas[1748]

Amy Albright

‘Contemplation’ 100cm x 100cm


Susan Laughton

‘Relic II’                           40cm x 40cm

cascade of light No.1 83cm x 83cm

Paul Denham

‘Cascade of Light I’  83cm x 83cm

Silence is Golden 30x30

Donna Goold

‘Silence is Golden’ 50cm x 50cm framed

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Kathryn Stevens

‘Youth’ 127cm x 101cm