Time Reclaimed 16th August – 28th September 2019

‘Disconnected’ by Sophie Capron 95cm x 95cm framed

Time Reclaimed

16th August – 28th September 2019

A Sophie Capron feature Exhibition with supporting artists;

ashar, Lynda Ruth Brown, Liza Mackintosh, Shelley Morrow and Kathryn Stevens

Behind the physicality of Sophie Capron’s highly textured paintings, richly made up of layers and painterly marks, there lies a fascination with the constantly evolving impact of human presence on the environment. Using Recycled materials wherever possible to reuse and reinvent the unwanted in a new and visually stimulating way is paramount to her activity.

New paintings made for this exhibition highlight the different forms of application she uses; marking, scratching and abrasion, painted surfaces that are skimmed and overlaid revealing a multitude of worked marks are abundant. These surfaces become suggestive of the natural processes of weathering and seasoning and also hint at the traces we leave in the places we pass through; aged doorways, peeling plaster, crumbling walls, places where time has left its mark, where traces of human interaction speak of countless interventions.

Her paintings glow with secrets of history and become objects of beauty that will only reveal their mysteries in the fullness of time.

As part of the supporting Exhibition and forming a complementary element to Sophie’s work are new artists, ashar and Lynda Ruth Brown.

ashar paints in oils on wooden panels creating moving abstract paintings that capture her response to place rather than what she sees. She represents fleeting moments within layers of colours and marks, deliberately kept ambiguous to enable the observer to form their own interpretation of the piece.

Lynda Ruth Brown fulfils her reputation as a lyrical colourist. The latest paintings reference the ‘scapes’ of land, sea and weather without illustrative or narrative description but with an evocative subtlety which rewards close observation. She aims to suggest a history of experience through multi-layering of colour and texture – each veil of translucent colour revealing itself and those beneath through density of accumulation and also elimination.

Artists invited back to form part of this show and rapidly becoming Gallery favourites are Liza Mackintosh, Shelley Morrow and Kathryn Stevens.

Liza Mackintosh uses her practice as a visual diary for investigation into the natural landscape. She follows an undetermined path of exploration fuelled by her curiosity and continual observation of the organic world. New paintings for this show such as ‘Dark Heath’ study the complex networks in plant materials and how these echo the terrain of the landscape.

The unique figures created from thousands of tiny stitches by hand are the trademark of Shelley Morrow and are a very welcome return to the gallery. Shelley has been absent from exhibiting for a few years while she has completed her Masters and this reintroduction will not disappoint.

Kathryn Steven’s work uses an intuitive, experimental approach to abstract painting.  Influenced by natural forms and ideas about landscape, her paintings are much more focussed around the fluidity of the paint as she carefully pours it across the canvas perfectly balancing the fine line between control and accident.






'On the rocks, reclaimed materials, 90cm x 90cm £1975

‘On the Rocks’                    by Sophie Capron, reclaimed media on canvas 90cm x 90cm

Alizarin Sliding

‘Alizarin Sliding’ by Lynda Ruth Brown, mixed media on paper 53cm x 53cm framed

Dark Heath 120x60cm

‘Dark Heath’ by Liza Mackintosh, acrylic, pastel, silver birch and carving on wood, 60cm x 120cm

Ethereal Silence 60x60

‘Ethereal Silence’ by ashar, oil on board, 61cm x 61cm

Polly c

‘Polly’ by Shelley Morrow, pencil, conte and gouache on paper, 30cm x 42cm

'Align', Oil on Canvas, 61x51cm, Kathryn Stevens

‘Align’ by Kathryn Stevens, oil on canvas, 51cm x 61cm

Silver Tradition, reclaimed materials, 40cm x 40cm £575 1

‘Silver Tradition’ by Sophie Capron, Reclaimed media on canvas, 40cm x 40cm

The Sea Touched the Land

‘Sea Touched the Land’ by Lynda Ruth Brown, mixed media on paper, 53cm x 53cm framed

Wonders Wide Over 120x60cm

‘Wonders Wide Over’ by Liza Mackintosh, acrylic, pastel and silver birch on wood, 60cm x 120cm

Sunlit Path 100x100 £1800

‘Sunlit Paths’ by ashar, oil on board, 100cm x 100cm

Vermillion Thread 60x40cm (2)

‘Vermillion Thread’ by Shelley Morrow, cotton drill and thread, 58cm x 41cm

'Avalanche',Oil on Canvas, 121x91cm, Kathryn Stevens

‘Avalanche’ by Kathryn Stevens, oil on canvas, 92cm x 122cm