The Unseen Landscape 29th April – 4th June 2016

‘Scots Pine and Hawthorne’ by Elisa McLeod 80cm x 110cm

29th April – 4th June

The Unseen Landscape:

Amy Albright, Heather Duncan, Elisa McLeod and Zoe Hyde.

Amy Albright’s fascination with the interconnecting forms and patterns of the natural world has led her over the past ten years to evolve her own distinct visual language. Ambiguity between vastness and microscopic has always been an interest and this has manifested itself in paintings of exquisite enigma.

Heather Duncan expresses a highly personal view of her environment. Paintings have traces of reworking, areas flooded with colour, animated marks scratched into wet paint; they optimistically revel in their own physicality.

In contrast, mysterious and poetic atmospheres emanate from the finely crafted paintings of Elisa McLeod; intricate visual clues make us question scale and proportion, and probe what is real against what is illusory.

Mixed media paintings by Zoe Hyde investigate universal themes such as memory, fragility, beauty, and motherhood. Photographs, text and drawings are attached to the surface before being buried in paint, sections are then removed revealing fragments of the past and enabling the exploration of a new narrative.

The Exhibition will be open Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 5pm or by appointment.

Pool by Zoe Hyde

Zoe Hyde

‘Pool’ 40cm x 50cm

alive 122x92cm canvas

Zoe Hyde

‘Alive’ 92cm x 122cm

'Water' by Heather Duncan

Heather Duncan

‘Water’ 50cm x 50cm

Cobalt echo 60 x 60cm oil on canvas

Amy Albright

‘Cobalt Echo’  60cm x 60cm

Hornbeam  115x130 £1800

Elisa McLeod

‘Hornbeam’ 130cm x 115cm

walking home from the park 100x150

Heather Duncan                     ‘Walking Home from the Park’ 100cm x 150cm

Uncharted territory 100x 100cm oil on linen, 2015 (1)

Amy Albright

‘Unchartered Territory’ 100cm x 100cm

Winter Rhododendron 115x100 £1200

Elisa McLeod

‘Winter Rhododendron’ 100cm x 115cm