Summer Exhibition 24th July – 26th September 2015

Martin Goold

24th July – 26th September

The sixth annual Summer Exhibition opens on the 24th July.
The latest collection features an extensive range of talented artists including local painters, Stephen Bishop, Robert Hewer and Martin Goold.
Renowned artists exhibiting from further afield include Kathy Little whose paintings feature animated brushwork and a drawn line that inscribes the surface. Introducing, Shelley Morrow with embroidered artworks and etchings that capture the figure skilfully and gallery favourite, Heather Duncan whose thrilling, stirring and enthusiastic paintings wholeheartedly affirm one of the most profound of all human characteristics, the sense of belonging.

The Exhibition will be open Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 5pm or by appointment.


Stephen Bishop

Donna Goold

Donna Goold

Kathy Little

Kathy Little

stretch (2)

Shelley Morrow

landforms and colour_edited-1 (1)

Heather Duncan

Stream Banks, South West Coast 50x50 framed (2)

Feona Ness

William Kennett

Edward Kelly


Maria Macc

Large Blue Buckled Vase EsterSegarra

Chris Taylor


Robert Hewer

Girl Two

Anne-Marie Hanlon


Amelia Humber

A Song more Silent than Silence

Louise McClary

Parliament by Night II

Suchi Chidambaram