Summer Exhibition 21st July – 23rd September 2017

‘Heath Spring’ 100cm x 100cm oil on canvas by Stephen Bishop

SUMMER EXHIBITION  21st July-23rd September 2017

Our annual mixed exhibition with lots of different styles and sizes! In addition to established Gallery favourites including Amy Albright, Martin Goold and Jeannette Hayes PPS, there will be some unusual artworks by visiting artists; stitched pieces by Shelley Morrow, beautiful panels coated with an oil and beeswax glaze by Bill Zima, rich textured oil paintings by Stephen Bishop and unusual textured aerial landscapes by Claire Smith to name just a few!

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm or by appointment.

‘Italian Song’ 90cm x 110cm by Martin Goold


South West Coast 70x90

Feona Ness

‘South West Coast’              70cm x 90cm


Amy Albright

‘Passing By’                          61cm x 76cm

Winter Spendour 20x25

Donna Goold

‘Winter Splendour’ 40cm x 45cm


Lizzy Bridges

‘A World That’s Not Our Own’                        76cm x 60cm

50 36 34 N 2 7 39 W BROAD SANDS SOUTH DEVON 41CMX34.5CM by Claire Smith

Claire Smith

‘Broad Sands South Devon’   35cm x 41cm

Summer Heat 37x26 £850

Jeannette Hayes PPS

‘Summer Heat’ 26cm x 37cm



Bill Zima

‘Heuchera, Starry Night’  76cm x 76cm

Filo Rosso116cm x 63cm Hand Embroidered

Shelley Morrow

‘Filo-Rosso’ 116cm x 63cm