Summer Exhibition 15th June – 10th August 2018

‘Lotus’ 75cm x 75cm by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf


15th June – 10th August

The Summer Show will as always be a visual feast of artworks and will introduce three new artists to the gallery; Internationally renowned painter, COLIN TAYLOR, a member of the MAFA and also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Sculptor, NEIL WOOD who has a number of public sculptures in municipal collections nationwide and LIZA MACKINTOSH whose poetic paintings investigate the multitude of connections within nature.

There will also be a special showcase of the latest REBECCA FONTAINE-WOLF paintings titled:


Inspired by the female archetype, from saints to voodoo spirits to the goddesses of the Greek Pantheon, Dreams, Promise and the Divine is a creative exploration into the many forms these archetypes inhabit. They offer a plethora of possibilities of what it means to be a woman. “Traditional” feminine traits, such as kindness, passivity and a desire to nurture do of course feature, as do icy determination, power, cunning, and everything in between.

Since childhood I’ve drawn mythological female characters. These have evolved and fed directly into the themes I work on in my current painting practice, which is primarily concerned with female identity, desire and mortality. The starting point for this body of work was an interest in how female spirits and goddesses could serve a way of externalising and giving character to many women’s experiences, making them visible and thereby legitimising them.

These spirits, goddesses, and archetypes, felt very familiar despite being so far removed from contemporary life and seemed to be reflected in the many women I’m surrounded by. The culminating series was born from a playful interpretation of these ideas in which archetypal characters, goddesses and symbols were incorporated and reimagined with images of my contemporaries.

 At this very pivotal point where women’s rights, equality and gender are at the forefront of global attention, this series of paintings offers a playful and contemporary take on female archetypes and invites us to question how they continue to shape our view of womanhood.  

By Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

Jeannette Hayes ‘Yesterday’ 92cm x 120cm framed

persephone small 20x26

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf  ‘Persephone’  26cm x 20cm

'St Ives West Pier' by Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor ‘St Ives West Pier’ 60cm x 80cm


sketch 5 - the task at hand 42x60

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf  ‘The Task at Hand’  60cm x 42cm

Barton Bridge 31 x 24

Colin Taylor ‘Barton Bridge’ 60cm x 80cm

'The Dance' by Neil Wood

Neil Wood ‘The Dance’   34cm x 25cm


Liza Mackintosh  ‘Stratus’ 70cm x 80cm


Leanne Stephens ‘Sleepy Head’ 50cm x 50cm

A View from the Tate 76x76cm 2018

Suchi Chidambaram ‘A View from the Tate’ 76cm x 76cm

Dance Conversation, 54x21x14 mild steel (2)

Neil Wood  ‘Dance Conversation’  54cm x 21cm

Birch, Study_50x50

Liza Mackintosh ‘Birch’ 50cm x 50cm

pattern 2018 acrylic and chinagraph on paper 46 x 30cm (framed 49 x 62)

Zoe Hyde ‘Pattern’ 49cm x 62cm framed 

To the Lake 43x43

Heather Duncan ‘To the Lake’ 43cm x 43cm framed