Spring Exhibition – 6th March – 18th April 2020

‘Whirled End’ by Nicky Carvell


The Spring Exhibition 2020 will thrill, electrify and engage visitors like never before! We have collected the most ambitious and dynamic group of artists together in order to shake off winter and set the tone for an exciting year ahead.

The Exhibition will include the abstract, digital paintings that are lyrical, confrontational and excitable by Nicky Carvell. Her work which she has created her own term for, ‘Naff Grafix’ is an emphatic embrace of dynamic formalism encasing the grit of British suburbia. Working mostly in digital print with Photoshop as her conduit and aluminium as its support, her works are the proposition of an uplifting otherworld. Nicky has the enviable achievement of having studied at The Royal Academy for her Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College for her BA Hons Fine Art and Chelsea School of Art, London for her Foundation Studies in Art and Design. In recent years she has won numerous awards including a 6 month Residency at JMW Turner’s House in 2019 and a 1 month Residency in Brooklyn, New York as a result of being The Grand Prize Winner of the Ward Open Call in 2012.

Philippa Tunstill’s paintings are a continuous exploration of internal and external spaces taken from landscape and architecture through colour, surface and texture which is applied and manipulated to produce intense theatrical visual dramas emerging out of a field of flat colour. The deep surround contains the image but also becomes an essential part of the painting. Occasionally they are structured into an orderly and not so orderly sequence of incidents that are held together by the symmetry of the grid and the square. Philippa trained at Hornsey College of Art & Design (now Middlesex University) where she gained a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art. After various experiences within the design field she pursued a career in teaching mainly within the University of the Arts London. She was elected as a member of the London Group in 2001. Her work has been included in many prestigious exhibitions including The Discerning Eye and the RA Summer Exhibition.

Behind the physicality of Sophie Capron’s highly textured paintings, richly made up of layers and painterly marks, there lies a fascination with the constantly evolving impact of human presence on the environment. The activity of painting, the different forms of application, marking, scratching and abrasion are not only suggestive of the natural processes of weathering and seasoning but they also hint at the traces we leave in the places we pass through. Sophie Capron trained at Winchester School of Art, also spending three months at Kawashima Textile School, Japan. She has an international exhibiting profile with shows in the UK and USA, France and Japan. She was selected as one of the top 10 emerging artists by Rebecca Wilson, chief curator at Saatchi Art 2018 and completed a Residency with Picture Berlin in 2018.

Mixed media paintings by Zoe Hyde investigate universal themes such as memory, fragility, beauty, and motherhood. Photographs, text and drawings are attached to the surface before being buried in paint, sections are then removed revealing fragments of the past and enabling the exploration of a new narrative.  Dreams combined with life experiences are contained within the paintings and each artwork tells a different story. Inspiration for her new work comes from The Legend of Tamar, The Tavy and The Taw. Zoe trained for her Fine Art BA (hons) at The Kent Institute of Art and Design, was Elected as Academician at the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts in 2018, and is currently enjoying highly successful Gallery Representation in America.

Martin Goold has a long held interest in working with the seemingly contradictory tendencies of structural design and freely expressive activity; by choosing to work in pastel, a medium that is not traditionally known for its graphic accuracy these two opposites are seamlessly brought together. His concern with the process of making the work is connected to how being in a place is not just what you see, but how the atmosphere and experience of the place feels. When viewing Martin’s work, the viewer is absorbed into ambience of the place. He often chooses to represent moments of transience such as sunrise and twilight that heighten this sense of viewing a moment, a specific place in a certain point of time. Martin trained at Chelsea School of Art, completing the MA Fine Art Painting in 1984. Following a series of group exhibitions at The Warwick Arts Trust in London in the 1980’s he went on to participate in solo and group exhibitions in UK galleries, art centres and public and National Trust venues. In recent years he has exhibited extensively across the West Country and at New Grafton Gallery and The Mall Galleries in London. In 2018 he won the Henri Roche Award for his Pastel ‘Mountain Town’ and was also elected as a member of the Pastel Society.

The excitement of dramatic environments is alive in Edward Kelly’s works, and this is fuelled by his passion for mountain walking.  But other painting series prove that he does not always need to place himself in extreme locations to find meaningful motifs. In his flower series he finds great drama in simple accessible subjects, giving them the same force as a majestic landscape. This series forges a fascinating relationship between still life and landscape, as if the landscape is brought into the studio where other ideas are free to enter. In discussion, Ed describes all painting as abstract. ‘The main division is whether you want to depict an experience or create one and the extent to which you wish to delve into internal space or deliberate on the external.’ Edward Kelly was born in Liverpool and trained at Liverpool College of Art between 1963 and 1967; he was awarded a John Moores Scholarship and studied in Italy.  He has an extensive exhibiting profile including solo exhibitions with Kapil Jariwala Gallery and The Camden Arts Centre in London.  His work has been exhibited internationally in group shows in public and private galleries including MOMA in Oxford, Museum Werft Kronhout in Amsterdam and Culture Gallery in New York. In 2019 the Adam and Eve Paintings were exhibited along the entire North wall of Hereford Cathedral.










Solar Plaza by Nicky Carvell

‘Solar Plaza’ by Nicky Carvell, Digital print on Dibond, 150cm x 130cm

tarantella 100x100 oil on canvas

‘Tarantella’ by Philippa Tunstill, Oil on canvas,

100cm x 100cm

Chalk Dust by Sophie Capron

‘Chalk Dust’ by Sophie Capron, Reclaimed paint on board, 61cm x 60cm              

Church by Zoe Hyde

‘Church’ by Zoe Hyde, Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 58cm x 68cm    

Yellow Moon Garden by Martin Goold

‘Yellow Moon Garden’ by Martin Goold, Pastel on paper, 66cm x 66cm

White lily reflection by Edward Kelly

‘White Lily Reflection’ by Edward Kelly, Acrylic on canvas, 186cm x 76cm

PRO TEAM 1 by Nicky Carvell (2)

‘Pro Team I’ by Nicky Carvell, Digital print on Dibond, 118cm x  75cm

white counterpoint

‘White Counterpoint’ by Philippa Tunstill, Oil on board,112cm x 112cm

Borrowed Blue by Sophie Capron

‘Borrowed Blue’ by Sophie Capron, Reclaimed paint on board, 61cm x 60cm

Seascape by Zoe Hyde

‘Seascape’ by Zoe Hyde, Acrylic, collage and spray paint on canvas, 86cm x 126cm

Night Palace. Acrylic on canvas, 100x110cm. by Martin Goold

‘Night Palace’ by Martin Goold, Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 110cm            

MOONLIGHT by Edward Kelly 150cm x 200cm

‘Moonlight’ by Edward Kelly, Acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 200cm