Spring Exhibition 1st March-27th April 2019

‘Ochre Reveal’ by Amy Albright. Oil on canvas, 50cm x 60cm

Spring Exhibition – 1st March – 27th April

It is 10 years since the gallery first opened and every Exhibition this year will have something original and distinctive to offer. The Spring Exhibition brings together a unique collection of artists from prized, investable Gallery Favourites to the hottest ones to watch:

Abstracting the landscape and capturing its wild elements are the focus of Amy Albright’s new oil paintings, using her familiar subjects of the North Cornwall coast and the forever changing tidelines.

Louise McClary’s paintings have a poetic quality and draw inspiration from changes in atmospheric conditions such as how the weather transforms the Cornish landscape, or how the moon is broken up over water sending shards of light into everything in its wake.

Drawing inspiration from her latest trip to Berlin, Sophie Capron is interested in where the urban landscape has left its mark. Every scratch, spray and layered surface has a hidden story to tell.

Robert Hewer is rapidly attracting a growing following with his convincing depiction of the face and figure and in a clever twist these new pieces take on a personality of their own.

Several of Val Hudson’s latest works using layers of oil and wax refer to everyday objects that she has skilfully transported into exquisite visual pleasures.

Dreams combined with life experiences are contained within the paintings by Zoe Hyde and each multimedia artwork tells a different story.

Kathryn Steven’s work uses an intuitive, experimental approach to abstract painting, influenced by natural forms and ideas about landscape.

Stephen Bishop’s fresh paintings are full of his characteristic exuberance and vitality of colour and texture, but some fascinating new themes are also present; the distortion and illusory nature of light and water connect to the experience of place.

Martin Goold has a long held interest in working with the seemingly contradictory tendencies of structural design and freely expressive activity; by choosing to work in pastel, a medium that is not traditionally known for its graphic accuracy these two opposites are seamlessly brought together.

Oil paintings on aluminium, made without the use of brushes have become Donna Goold’s signature over the years and the colours bursting from her latest landscapes glow with an exaggerated intensity.

We are delighted to introduce the sculpture by Samantha Goryl. Her striking bronze figurines are sculpted directly in wax and cast straight into bronze without a mould, making them truly unique. They are all mounted on Iroko wooden bases and were cast in Fulham by a very reputable foundry.

Revive by Sophie Capron

‘Reveal’ by Sophie Capron, Mixed media on canvas 48cm x 48cm framed

Scraps of Moon over Broken Water by Louise McClary

‘Scraps of Moon over Broken Water’ by Louise McClary, Mixed media on canvas 64cm x64cm

Inviolata by Martin Goold

‘Inviolata’ by Martin Goold, Pastel on paper, 83cm x 63cm framed

Let There be Light by Donna Goold

‘Let there be Light’ by Donna Goold, Oil on aluminium, 50cm x 60cm framed

Dancer I

‘Dancer I’ by Samantha Goryl, Solid bronze, unique 20cm heigh

The Blessing of the sea by Zoe Hyde

‘The Blessing of the Sea’ by Zoe Hyde, Mixed media on canvas, 80cm x 120cm

Returning by Val Hudson

‘Returning’ by Val Hudson,                  Oil and wax on canvas, 100cm x 100cm

Lilt by Kathyn Stevens

‘Lilt’ by Kathryn Stevens, Oil on canvas 76cm x 101cm

Release by Stephen Bishop

‘Release’ by Stephen Bishop,                               Oil on canvas, 100cm x 100cm

'In The Heights' 100x100cm

‘In the Heights’ by Robert Hewer, Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x100cm