Spring Exhibition 2nd March – 21st April 2018

‘Unrest’ 40cm x 40cm oil on canvas by Amy Albright


The Spring Exhibition features one of the West Country’s most collectable Contemporary artists, Amy Albright, whose latest oil paintings introduce hints of landscape emerging out of deep luminous surfaces of colour. Supporting artists include Kathy Little, Martin Goold, Robert Hewer, Liz Salter, Lizzy Bridges and exhibiting for the first time in Dorset, Kerry Harding, whose captivating paintings with subtle atmospheric references will complement the show beautifully.

Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 4pm or by appointment.

‘To Water Lane I’ 70x90cm by Kerry Harding


Amy Albright ‘Estuary’  90cm x 90cm

Kerry Harding  Beacon Alto
Photography by Simon Cook 01736 360041

Kerry Harding ‘Beacon Alto’ 92cm x 92cm



Amy Albright ‘Unrest’  40cm x 40cm

Kerry Harding To Waterlane I
Photography by Simon Cook 01736 360041

Kerry Harding ‘To Water Lane I’ 70cm x 90cm


Donna Goold                      ‘Storm Ahead’   20cm x 20cm

In The Shadows 90x90cm

Robert Hewer

‘In the Shadows’ 90cm x 90cm

Signs of Life _preview

Kathy Little

‘Signs of Life’ 84cm x 84cm


On top of the moor 72x66 framed

Liz Salter                                    ‘On Top of the Moors’  72cm x 66cm framed

Everything is working out perfectly 3 47x47

Lizzy Bridges                     ‘Everything is Working out Perfectly III’ 47cm x 47cm

Small Vase

Chris Taylor

Small Vase