Responses in Colour 10th June – 14th July 2016

               ‘Breeze’ by Rebecca McLynn 103cm x 113cm

Responses in Colour 10th June – 14th July

Rebecca McLynn, Susan Laughton, Louise McLary, Martin Goold and Jeannette Hayes

This exhibition will surprise, delight and enthrall visitors; colour is used with different atmospheric effect by each artist to express their individual response to environment.

Martin Goold will feature new pastel paintings using strong colour contrasts inspired by recent visits to Italian cities. A dynamic geometry holds the compositions together, revisiting his fascination with the artistic movements of Constructivism and Vorticism and their associations with architecture, hard edges and machine forms.

By contrast, also using pastel as her chosen medium, Swedish born Jeannette Hayes VPPS will display landscapes that are constructed out of lines and blocks of evocative colour.  A love of the exquisiteness and drama of the natural world conveys itself in the drawn marks, gestures and accents of colour.

The quiet, understated landscapes by Susan Laughton are inspired by half glimpses, memories and references to man-made structures such as telegraph poles and farm buildings within their natural milieu. Beautifully crafted surfaces are flooded with monochromatic colour before delicate linear work is added.

The Cornish landscape that Louise McClary has lived in and felt for on a profoundly embracing level has driven her work. Delicate intertwined ribbons of paint suggestive of natural organic elements and dusty powdery tints sensitively brushed in to evoke various light effects are the feature of her enthralling paintings.

Remote and expansive landscape is the inspiration behind Rebecca McLynn’s work. Through investigating these locations her paintings distill the power and atmosphere of nature and reveal a strongly felt human connection to domain. Paint flows and runs freely, expressing the sense of space that she experiences, but surprising intricacy also acts on the viewers perception.

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10-5pm

Valley 48x63 £1600

Rebecca McLynn

‘Valley’ 48cm x 63cm

Night_Tide_98x103cm £3000 (2)

Rebecca McLynn

‘Night Tide’ 98cm x 103cm

The Garden 70x70cm oil

Jeannette Hayes

‘The Garden’ 70cm x 70cm

Riva Gateway. Pastel, 60x41 cm. by Martin Goold 2

Martin Goold

‘Riva Gateway’  82cm x 62cm

46x46cm Luminous Wind (2)

Louise McLary

‘Luminous Wind’ 46cm x 46cm


Susan Laughton

‘Celadon Sky II’ 40cm x 40cm

58 x 32cm framed 89 x 66cm  orange hay field (2)

Jeannette Hayes

‘Orange Hay Field’ 66cm x 89cm

8. From the City Walls. Pastel, 43x60cm. 2

Martin Goold

‘From the City Walls’ 62cm x 82cm

100x100cm The Rhapsody of Fire (2)

Louise McLary

‘The Rhapsody of Fire’ 100cm x 100cm


Susan Laughton

‘At the Edge’ 30cm x 90cm