Presence Exhibition 21st April – 27th May 2017

‘Alcazabar’ 100cm x 90cm acrylic on canvas by Martin Goold

Presence 21st April – 27th May 2017

Landscape occupies a special place in the visual arts; the many complex ways in which humans relate to their environment has been a constant source of inspiration for generations of artists and the challenge to bring something new to this theme is a considerable one.

Artwavewest’s latest exhibition ‘Presence’ responds with characteristic flair to this weighty legacy. Landscape inspired work by four painters and a ceramicist, flickering between abstraction and figuration, promises to excite, surprise and enlighten the viewer.

There is something of a North South dialogue here with Paul Denham and Susan Laughton, from County Durham and Cheshire respectively, and Cornish artist Amy Albright, Londoner Martin Goold and Devon based ceramicist Chris Taylor. This reflects the Artwavewest scope of experience that has enlivened their presentations over the eight years since their launch and this particular exhibition holds some fascinating variations of interpretation.

Albright’s latest paintings, evoking reflection, changeable light and a sense of the unknown are inspired by areas where land and water meet such as edges of rivers, lakes and shore lines. Denham presents new highly expressive work that captures the transition from the desaturated tones of winter to the fresh colour of early spring building layer upon layer of glaze and texture. New paintings by Goold, inspired by Northern Italian townscapes and architectural environments, explore the dynamic produced by combining tightly structured composition and linear elements, with expressive free flowing brushing and layering. Cool minimal Laughton paintings combine observed and imagined places and hint at the distant edges of landscape where horizons of sky, land and sea interact. Taylor’s new ceramic pieces explore combinations of materials and techniques not commonly seen together to create objects rich with colour and texture.

The artists in this exhibition work in an intriguing way with the subtlety of concealed detail and the exhibition viewer is invited to look closely, to become aware of things that are perhaps not immediately apparent.

This is an exhibition about discovery. The title ‘Presence’ alludes to the conviction that underneath appearance lies something more profound, and that the power that art holds to reveal this is moving, exhilarating and enriching.  

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm or by appointment.

Glowing within 100 x 100cm oil on canvas 2017

Amy Albright

‘Glowing Within’              100cm x 100cm

tributary (early Spring) no.3

Paul Denham

‘Tributary 3’                        26cm x 26cm

Ochre haze 60 x 60cm oil on canvas

Amy Albright

‘Ochre Haze’                       60cm x 60cm

sun upon the shadows 86cm x 86cm

Paul Denham

‘Sun upon the Shadows’ 86cm x 86cm


Susan Laughton

‘Vessel I’                              50cm x 50cm

Small Red Bellied Vase

Chris Taylor

‘Small Red Bellied Vase’



Susan Laughton

‘Edgelands II’                   60cm x 60cm

Pink and Plum Platter with Lustre motif

Chris Taylor

‘Pink and Plum Platter with lustre motif’ 40cm x 50cm