Light Encounter 9th June – 18th July 2020

‘Light Upon the High Ground’ by Paul Denham

LIGHT ENCOUNTER 9th June – 18th July

Amy Albright, Paul Denham, Martin Goold, Jenny Pockley

In a phase where we have had more time to engage with our natural environment, we are delighted to present an Exhibition of four artists whose work captures the wonder of natural elements. They are particularly interested in how changes of light can have an emotional impact on us when we view the landscape and their work demonstrates how to capture that breathtaking feeling forever in paint.

Amy Albright’s paintings have always had a delicate atmospheric quality, and these latest paintings, evoking reflection, changeable light and a sense of the unknown are inspired by areas where land and water meet such as edges of rivers, lakes and shore lines.

Paul Denham’s evocative paintings induce memories of walking in remote terrain. On viewing his new work, we can almost feel the power of the landscape as we are taken on a journey across the moors and through the rolling hills, sometimes catching a glimpse of a lake or waterfall in the distance, but always reminded of the vast, open space of the uplands.

Martin Goold creates work that reveals the atmosphere and experience of places. When viewing his work, we are absorbed into the ambience of the place. He often chooses to represent moments of transition such as sunrise and twilight that heighten this sense of viewing a moment, a specific place at a certain point of time.

Jenny Pockley catches the spectacle of light in her impressive new works. In the cloud studies, the light contrasts against the edge of a dark cloud, pairing colours such as a warm yellow with mauve and grey to add to the drama and choosing to work on copper as it glows from underneath the paint. In city works she paints views from above where only the electric light suggests familiar shapes of buildings amidst the night skies and reflections in the water.

For further examples, details and prices of available work, please visit the BUY ART page or contact the gallery.

‘London Overhead’ by Jenny Pockley, Oil on canvas 100cm x 120cm










PD Meadowland Meets Water I 38x38cm framed £450

‘Meadowland Meets Water’ by Paul Denham, Oil and pencil on paper 38cm x 38cm

AA Changing path 90 x 90cm in a 93x93cm frame ink and oil on canvas £1500

‘Changing Path’ by Amy Albright, Oil and ink on canvas, 93cm x 93cm framed

MG Distant Shore Acrylic on canvas, 102x157cm.

‘Distant Shore’ by Martin Goold, 102cm x 157cm Acrylic on canvas       

J Pockley Cloud study Mauve 40x50cm oil on gesso board £2300

‘Cloud Study Mauve’ by Jenny Pockley, Oil on gesso, 40cm x 50cm

PD White Force Waterfall 93x108cm framed £1350

‘White Force Waterfall’ by Paul Denham, Oil and pencil on paper, 98cm x 108cm framed

AA Unique Impression 60 x 90cm oil on canvas £1000

‘Unique Impression’ by Amy Albright, Oil on canvas, 60cm x 90cm

MG Aqua Lyme Acrylic on canvas, 90x110cm.

‘Aqua Lyme’ by Martin Goold, 90cm x 110cm Acrylic on canvas

JPockley-East River-130x170 oil on canvas £11,000

‘East River’ by Jenny Pockley, 130cm x 170cm Oil on canvas