Light and Weight 28th April – 9th June 2018


‘Wind Turbine’ 43cm x 43cm oil on canvas by Heather Duncan

LIGHT AND WEIGHT – 28th April – 9th June

New paintings by Edward Kelly reappraise longstanding concerns with spatial overlapping and folding in a direct and sometimes pared down way; large areas of strong colour and characteristic expressive drawn elements fill these paintings with exuberance. Dynamic colour and architecture characterize the vibrant international cityscape paintings by Suchi Chidambaram, and these will make a strong link with the work by Sophie Capron, who makes richly textured paintings suggestive of weathering and organic change on manmade structures. Connecting the four artists is Heather Duncan, whose painting expresses a highly personal view of her environment. Paintings have traces of reworking, areas flooded with colour, animated marks scratched into wet paint; they optimistically revel in their own physicality. 

There will also be just one, very special painting by Paul Denham titled ‘To the Horizon’ 67x87cm framed (below)


Heather Duncan ‘To the Lake’  43cm x 43cm

Untitled by Sophie Capron 84x84

Sophie Capron ‘Petiole’ 84cm x 84cm


Waterways 93x93

Heather Duncan ‘Waterways’  93cm x 93cm

123x155 lr

Sophie Capron ‘Endless Summer’ 123cm x 155cm

Cycling Home, Chettinad 50x50

Suchi Chidambaram ‘Cycling Home’   50cm x 50cm

Edward Kelly

Edward Kelly  ‘Teapot, Big Leaves’ 112cm x 76cm

Deep Velvet 20x25

Donna Goold ‘Deep Velvet’ 40cm x 45cm framed


suchi chidambaram 2

Suchi Chidambaram  ‘Blackfriars Bridge’  75cm x 75cm

Daffs now & yesteryear

Edward Kelly ‘Dafs Now and Yesteryear’ 100cm x 135cm framed

The Forbidden Forest 20x20

Donna Goold ‘The Forbidden Forest’ 35cm x 35cm framed