Gallery Artists – 1st – 29th February 2020

‘Untitled’ by Tobias Bowen-Jones, Portugese Limestone, 36cm high

1st – 29th February

A delightful collection of work by all the Gallery Artists will run throughout February.

We will also introduce the beautiful hand carved sculpture by Tobias Bowen-Jones.








AA Fragile Impression oil on canvas 61 x 76cm 2019

‘Fragile Impression’ by Amy Albright, Oil on Canvas, 61cm x 76cm

PD the warmest day of summer 50x75 in 63x88 (2)

‘The Warmest Day of Summer’ by Paul Denham, Oil on paper, 63cm x 88cm framed

the eye of the storm

‘The Eye of the Storm’ by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Mixed media on linen, 115cm x 115cm

Cairo under Pyramids 54x114cm

‘Cairo Under Pyramids’ by Edward Kelly, Acrylic on canvas, 54cm x 114cm

'Ordered Chaos' 70x90cm £1250

‘Ordered Chaos’ by Robert Hewer. Acrylic on canvas, 94cm x 74cm framed

Wave 60x80

‘Wave’ by Donna Goold, Oil on aluminium, 60cm x 80cm in a 80cm x 100cm frame

Hammersmith Bridge by Suchi Chidambaram, oil on canvas £2000

‘Hammersmith Bridge’ by Suchi Chidambaram, Oil on canvas, 76cm x 76cm

Garden Trees oil on canvas 105x125 framed

‘Garden Trees’ by Jeannette Hayes, Oil on canvas, 105cm x 125cm framed

Pink and Plum 84x84

‘Pink and Plum’ by Kathy Little, Acrylic on canvas, 84cm x 84cm framed

004 'Waterloo Bridge'. Acrylic on canvas, 68x137cm. 2

‘Waterloo Bridge’ by Martin Goold, Acrylic on canvas, 68cm x 137cm