Four Artist Exhibition 29th September – 4th November 2017

‘In View of Litha’ 97cm x 122cm oil, ink acrylic and pastel on canvas by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf


29th November to 4th November 2017

Four great Contemporary artists together for the first time in what promises to be an exceptional show full of impact.

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf’s striking paintings engage with ideas about female identity and self-image, and feminine creative energy. Her portraits and figure paintings combine brilliant sharp linear focus with loose gestural manipulation of paint. With great originality they respond on the one hand to the crushing weight of historic symbolism as it appears in depictions of the female form throughout Western art, but also to the contemporary standpoint that has as a backdrop the mass proliferation of self-generated imagery through the technological revolution.

Alive with a dynamic expressive energy the landscapes of Jeannette Hayes resonate with a liberated optimistic creativity. In works that are constructed out of lines and blocks of evocative colour, abstract activity is finely balanced with landscape reference. A love of the exquisiteness and drama of the natural world conveys itself in the drawn marks, gestures and accents of colour.

Rhythmic marks and emblems seem to flow freely across the surface of the dynamic powerfully expressive paintings by Edward Kelly, in fact underlying this abstract energy these paintings reveal an insightful assimilation of Modernism as well as the more historic tradition of pictorial construction; he has a long held admiration for Piero della Francesca. Spatial concerns alternate constantly between those of the subject and those of the painting, but for Kelly ‘The ordering of these very concrete issues is never secondary to figuration’.

Luminous mists of colour and entwined web-like meandering lines in the mysterious paintings by Louise Mc Clary evoke natural environments, places with which there must surely be some deep affinity. The Cornish landscape provides a constant inspiration, but these complex and ethereal paintings transcend place, instead everything revolves, floats, diffuses, sparkles, concentrates, undulates, propagates and disperses. Sensations are quietly nudged: stillness, silence, brilliance, loss or elation. Bewitchingly, each painting resonates the most acute sense of a spectacular emotion.

Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 4pm or by appointment.



days gone by 112x182cm

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

‘Days Gone By’              112cm x 182cm

Honey Garden 100x70 pastel lr

Jeannette Hayes PPS

‘Honey Garden’              70cm x 100cm

now and then 75cm x 95cm

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

‘Now and Then’           95cm x 75cm

Spring tree2 100x50 oil on canvas

Jeannette Hayes PPS

‘Spring Tree II’                        50cm x 100cm

MOONLIGHT by Edward Kelly 150cm x 200cm

Edward Kelly

‘Moonlight’   150cm x 200cm

Night in its Shallow Puddles

Louise McClary

‘Night in its Shallow Puddles’ 100cm x 100cm


Spanish Head by Edward Kelly 150x200

Edward Kelly

‘Spanish Head’  150cm x 200cm

Breathing in Water 76x76

Louise McClary

‘Breathing in Water’ 76cm x 76cm