Colour and Light 17th August – 22nd September 2018

‘The Shade of a Song’ 65cm x 65cm by Louise McClary

COLOUR AND LIGHT Featuring Louise McClary 17th August – 22nd September

Colour and Light takes us on a journey through the making of a painting. Louise McClary describes how a simple daily walk has come to influence her latest work:

‘About 200 yds from my gate is a passage where woodland is either side, bird song is incredible and it always seemed there was an extraordinary light that would come through a veil of hanging ivy over the small piece of water just to the side of the road. It was like watching where the light would get in, from the darkest corners of the woodland to where everything would become illuminated….walking on further there are several gateways to look through towards the creek, so it’s a constant zooming out and zooming in again on detail. A vast expanse to distance and seeking out light from the creek as it wakes up in the morning often Silver…’

Continuing the Exhibition theme, supporting artists describe their work:

‘My paintings engage with the insubstantial, transient nature of existence as expressed through colour and form, the elements, open spaces and the play of light. I endeavour to make that which is invisible, visible and in doing so I invite us to jettison our preconceptions and bring into play, imagination.’ VAL HUDSON

‘Fluid movements and textures of oil paint creating an essence of space, depth and landscape.’ KATHRYN STEVENS

‘The colours are heavily influenced by the Cornish landscape, however the composition is representational of the many decaying walls and surfaces which I see in my surroundings, celebrating the idiosyncrasies of the man made.’ SOPHIE CAPRON

‘The fields, footpaths, horizons, trees and seas I see again and again day after day. These are the motifs I repeat, rework, destroy and process. The manipulation of paint and the subtle surprises achieved through a cycle of putting on and taking off is what facilitates my surreal recreation of a place. Half remembered, half imagined, familiar places.’ KERRY HARDING

‘I am motivated by an interest in the possibility of, and processes involved in the transfer and transformation of personal and individual experience to visual image.’ COLIN TAYLOR

Louise McClary ‘The River of your Breathing’ 67cm x 101cm

'A wild Rainbow Submerged in your Shadow' 65cm x 65cm by Louise McClary

Louise McClary ‘A wild Rainbow Submerged in your Shadow’  65cm x 65cm

Conversation II 90x90

Val Hudson ‘Conversation’ 90cm x 90cm


The Rising Blue

Louise McClary 

‘The Rising Blue’  40cm x 40cm

'Synergy' 100cm x100cm by Val Hudson

Val Hudson ‘Synergy’ 100cm x 100cm

Gravity, Oil on Canvas, 102x81cm, Kathryn Stevens

Kathryn Stevens ‘Gravity’   80cm x 100cm

Sophie Capron, Perennial, reclaimed media, 65cm x 65cm

Sophie Capron  ‘Perennial’ 65cm x 65cm

Kerry Harding
Photography by Simon Cook 01736 360041

Kerry Harding ‘Jeans House’ 60cm x 70cm

'Marrakesh' 56cm x56cm by Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor ‘Marrekesh’ 56cm x 56cm

'Trace', Oil on canvas, 51x41cm, Kathryn Stevens

Kathryn Stevens  ‘Trace’  41cm x 51cm

Fallen, reclaimed materials, 100cm x 100cm. 1

Sophie Capron ‘Fallen’ 100cm x 100cm

'Beacon Pine' by Kerry Harding

Kerry Harding ‘Beacons Pine’ 50cm x 50cm

Souk Marrakesh #4 30x38cm

Colin Taylor ‘Souk Marrekesh’ 30cm x 38cm