Autumn Exhibition featuring Louise McClary 13 Nov – 19 Dec 2015

‘Watching the Rain Dance’ by Louise McCary 100cm x 100cm

13th November – 19th December

The Autumn Exhibition features the enthralling and richly executed paintings by the latest Gallery Artist Louise McClary.

Intertwined ribbons of paint and dusty powdery tints sensitively brushed against luminous mists of colour seem to direct us to natural environments; the Cornish landscape that McClary has a deep affinity with has indeed constantly driven her work. Entwined root patterns, overgrown paths, pools of shining water, mists and vapours, these are all exquisitely suggested in the fields of glowing colour, organic shapes and meandering lines in the delicately painted surfaces.

A minute intricacy of web-like lines and strands draws us closer and closer into the painting where we see the history of the making; brushing, drawing and placing coloured accents over layers almost conceals the numerous shifts and interventions, but they are still there deep within the complexity.

There are no horizons to be found, no perspectives of the conventional sort, no fixed points that mark beginning or end, no specific reference to scale or proportion. Instead everything revolves, floats, diffuses, sparkles, concentrates, undulates, propagates and disperses. Sensations are quietly nudged: stillness, silence, brilliance, loss or elation.

McClary’s exciting paintings reveal a rich underlying poetry that transcends landscape reference to leave the most acute sense of a spectacular emotion.

There will be an enticing mixed support exhibition alongside including new work by HEATHER DUNCAN, SUCHI CHIDAMBARAM and EDWARD KELLY.

For a full catalogue of Louise McClary’s work and price list email the gallery

The Exhibition will be open Wednesday – Saturday 10 – 4pm or by appointment.

The Quickening Day 100cm x 100cm by Louise McClary

Louise McClary

‘The Quickening Day’ 100cm x 100cm

Broke Open over Dark Water 30cm x 30cm by Louise McClary

Louise McClary

‘Broke open over Dark Water’ 30cm x 30cm

Beneath the Stars of Another Sky

Louise McClary

‘Beneath the Stars of Another Sky’

night falls on the moorland by Heather Duncan

Heather Duncan

‘Night Falls on Moorland’ 63cm x 63cm

Midnight Millenium II

Suchi Chidambaram

‘Midnight Millenium’ 76cm x 76cm

William Kennett

Edward Kelly

‘William Kennet’ 76cm x 112cm

Broken in Air 100cmx 100cm by Louise McClary

Louise McClary

‘Broken in Air’ 100cm x 100cm

from meadow to moor_edited-1 (1)

Heather Duncan

‘From Meadow to Moor’ 73cm x 103cm

Tower Bridge 76cm x 76cm

Suchi Chidambaram

‘Tower Bridge II’ 76cm x 76cm

Falling Roses

Edward Kelly

‘Falling Roses’ 76cm x 112cm