Amy Albright – Above and Below 2nd October – 7th November 2015

Serene Depths 50cm x 70cm

2nd October – 7th November

The mysterious paintings by Cornish Artist, Amy Albright have been exhibited at Artwave West, since the Launch Show in 2009. Her work has become extremely sought after during this time and this highly anticipated Solo Show has eager collectors very excited.
Albright’s fascination with the interconnecting forms and patterns of the natural world has led her over the past ten years to evolve her own distinct visual language. Ambiguity between vastness and microscopic has always been an interest and this has manifested itself in paintings of exquisite enigma.
In her latest works produced for this exhibition a subtle connection to the landscape is revealed. Interludes within veils of mist expose hidden pine forests; suggestion of branches and formations begin to materialise. These dendrite (branch like) patterns evolve into further references reminiscent of the grandeur of the universe. The fact that the same pattern can be found on different scales, for example in a tiny single brain neuron or on a larger scale in the path of a meandering river, is most fitting.
Albright’s working process has become increasingly fluid and in seeking to utilise spontaneous painting methods, she has opened up an even greater emphasis on suggestions of the unknown.

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The Exhibition will be open Wednesday – Saturday 10 – 4pm or by appointment.

Cadmium Glow 100cm x 120cm

Cobalt Echo 50cm x 50cm £675

Cobalt Echo

50cm x 50cm

Tangible light 70 x 70cm, oil on canvas £820

Tangible Light

70cm x 70cm

Subaqueous echo,  oil on canvas 150 x 120cm £1800

Subaqueous Echo

150cm x 120cm

Quiescent 50cm x 60cm £720


50cm x 60cm

Gold shore 100 x 120cm oil on canvas £1550

Gold Shore

100cm x 120cm

Above and below 46 x 61cm oil on canvas.

Above and Below

46cm x 61cm

'In the elements' by Amy Albright 120 x 100cm, oil on canvas £1550

In the Elements

120cm x 100cm

Exposed Depths 100x100 £1300

Exposed Depths

100cm x 100cm

Distant Glow 60x80cm £820

Distant Glow

60cm x 80cm

Astral 50 x 60cm oil on canvas


50cm x 60cm