A Journey Retraced 13th October – 3rd November 2018

‘Italian Song’ 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 90cm by Martin Goold

A Journey Retraced – Martin Goold Solo Exhibition

17th October – 3rd November

This exhibition presents works made over the last 13 years together with a small number of older pieces from the 1980’s and 90’s.

In 2005 Martin returned to painting after a break of several years. Taking a studio in Charmouth and using drawing to re-orientate himself, his work moved closer to figuration.

This fascinating presentation explores the place figuration has in the work of a painter who has essentially abstract concerns.

Moreover, placing recent works alongside older works provides an insight into his creative journey; he has a long held interest in working with the seemingly contradictory tendencies of structured design and freely expressive activity.

For the limited period of this exhibition the portfolio presented for his successful 2018 application for membership of the Pastel Society will also be on view.



‘The Harlequins Dragonfly Curse’ 1984, Painted construction 87cm x 223cm

East from Lyme VII. 56x76cm. Graphite. lr

‘East from Lyme VII’  2005,                         Graphite on paper, 60cm x 80cm framed

Inside the Carriage, 1980. Mixed media collage, 78x52cm. lr

‘Inside the Carriage’ 1980, Mixed media on paper, 103cm x 76cm framed


the Field

‘The Field VI’  1992, Acrylic and charcoal on paper, 76cm x 103cm framed


‘Vision’ 1991, Acrylic on canvas, 153cm x 112cm

Potterierei to Gouden-Handrei, Bruges. Pastel, 56x44cm lr

‘Potterierei-to-Gouden-Handrei-Bruges’ 2009, Pastel on paper, 80cm x 60cm

From the Castle Tower. Pastel, 42x51cm. lr

‘From the Castle Tower’ 2017, Pastel on paper,  63cm x 83cm framed