A Journey into the Abstract 10th November – 22nd December 2017

‘Engage’ 56cm x 87cm oil on canvas by Kathryn Stevens

A JOURNEY INTO THE ABSTRACT – 10th November to 22nd December 2017

The Final Exhibition for 2017 will be perfect for those wishing for a bit more adventure on their walls!

A growing confidence is visible in the latest paintings by young artist, Kathryn Stevens, where glorious flowing bold colours interact with fluidity. A new theme of journeys has become apparent in Donna Goold’s new works, looking quite dark at first glance before the layers become visible in changing light. Folowing recent travels, Leanne Stephens presents strong oil paintings that make a bold statement. Zoe Hyde returns with adventurous, lively and highly personal paintings that investigate universal themes such as memory, fragility, beauty, and motherhood. NEW GALLERY ARTIST Sophie Capron makes richly textured paintings suggestive of weathering and organic change; her work explores the history of place and the effect and influence of nature on the everyday. The many glazes, layers, textures, scratches and abrasions in the paintings by Paul Denham allude to what he refers to as “the geology of markings”. Deeply embedded in the surface of paint is the history of its making, and this gives the work a strong sense of embarking a journey into the memory of landscape.

Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 4pm or by appointment.

‘Under a Golden Sky’ 86x61cm framed by Paul Denham

'Genesis', Oil on Canvas, 122x92cm, Kathryn Stevens.

Kathryn Stevens

‘Genesis’  92cm x 122cm

The Golden Pool 30x30cm in a 50cm x 50cm frame by Donna Goold

Donna Goold

‘The Golden Pool’   50cm x 50cm framed

'Engage', Oil on canvas, 87x56cm, Kathryn Stevens.

Kathryn Stevens

‘Engage’  56cm x 87cm

Night House 30x30cm by Donna Goold

Donna Goold

‘Night House’ 50cm x 50cm framed

MOUNT_DOOM 50x50cm by Leanne Stephens

Leanne Stephens

‘Mount Doom’   50cm x 50cm

Island 125x85 by Zoe Hyde

Zoe Hyde

‘Island’ 85cm x 125cm

Perpetual sunlight by Sophie Capron 100cm x 120cm

Sophie Capron

‘Perpetual Sunlight’ 100cm x 120cm

SHADE_IN_COMMON 90x30cm by Leanne Stephens

Leanne Stephens

‘Shade in Common’  30cm x 90cm

Frequency by Zoe Hyde

Zoe Hyde

‘Frequency’ 49cm x 62cm

Sophie Capron

Sophie Capron

Untitled 60cm x 60cm