moments in Time 29th January – 25th February 2022

This Exhibition will feature two artists work that captures a moment in time. Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf uses the figure to convey this sentiment, while Jenny Pockley uses the landscape.


The Christmas Collection 1st – 12th January 2022

The Christmas Collection will include artworks from our famous Secret Cupboard. Often a source of mystery, visitors are delighted to discover their perfect artwork hidden in our store!

‘watermarks’ Amy albright solo exhibition 3rd – 26th November 2021

Following a period of time connecting with her Cornish surroundings, more than ever, Amy has strived to make a body of work which shows, in varied forms, her love for the water and in particular the w…

‘Landscape to Light’ Paul Denham Feature Exhibition – 6–29 OCTOBER 2021

The vast expansive landscape of the North of England, the rugged moorland, the weathered outcrops of stone, the old mining scars now half reclaimed by nature, have captivated and inspired Paul Denham …

The Adam and Eve Paintings 7th September – 1st October 2021

Edward Kelly has studied paintings in churches his whole life, principally frescoes, which are locked into the fabric of buildings.

The Summer Exhibition 3rd August – 3rd September 2021

A fabulous, colour filled show for the summer, with numerous artworks featured by many of our favourite artists.

‘Distant Shores’ Martin Goold Solo Exhibition 29th June – 23rd July 2021

Memory has played a significant part in the making of the new paintings for this exhibition.

A Sense of Harmony 1st-25th June 2021

Animated brushwork, flowing surfaces of paint, and drawn line that inscribes the surface characterize the evocative paintings of Kathy Little. 

Rejuvenation 4th – 28th May 2021

Sophie Capron aspires to capture the past – the history of a place, whether that be the crumbling walls from hundreds of years ago or modern graffiti marks.

Painting the Light 12th – 30th April 2021

It is a delight to present an entirely new body of work painted during the lockdown in 2020 to 2021 by the renowned artist, Suchi Chidambaram.

The Spring Exhibition 4th March – 10th April 2021

As we head for better times it is a delight to present our online Spring Exhibition!

‘Spectacular Skies’ A Donna Goold Solo Exhibition 16th January to 26th February 2021

Donna Goold’s paintings are an exploration of colour and light observed simply by looking up into the sky.

‘Luminous’ The Winter Collection 2nd November to 19th December 2020

The final Exhibition at Artwave West for 2020 in what can only be described as a turbulent year is titled Luminous.

Robert Hewer Feature Exhibition 3rd – 31st October 2020

Robert Hewer is a master at manipulating paint. The result of his labours being that his works are not only visually stunning but also technically brilliant.