Yellow Moon Garden by Martin Goold

An elected member of The Pastel Society, experience of place is central to Martin Goold’s artistic activity.

Ochre reveal by Amy Albright

Amy Albright has developed a visual language that alludes to the interconnecting natural forms and patterns that surround us.

Storm Dorset 30x30cm

Donna Goold’s paintings are really about colour; even the most subtle shade is treasured and captured.

Daffs now & yesteryear

Edward Kelly’s powerfully expressive paintings composed of rhythmic marks and emblems reflect his long standing engagement with the relationship between the elemental force of nature and the dynamic of abstract painting.

Hammersmith Bridge by Suchi Chidambaram, oil on canvas £2000

Suchi Chidambaram paints dynamic urban landscapes that express the energy, motion and vibrancy of cities that she has a close association with.

Criss Cross 84x84

Animated brushwork, flowing surfaces of paint, and drawn line that inscribes the surface characterize the evocative landscapes of Kathy Little.

Orange Trees

Alive with a dynamic expressive energy the landscapes of The President of The Pastel Society, Jeannette Hayes resonate with a liberated optimistic creativity.


Dynamic landscapes constructed out of blocks of colour, numerous gestures, accents and modulations; these are the means by which Heather Duncan expresses a highly personal view of her environment.

01 Heligan Lace Cap 80cm x 90cm SOLD

Mysterious and poetic atmospheres emanate from the finely crafted paintings of Elisa McLeod; intricate visual clues make us question scale and proportion, and probe what is real against what is illusory.

Construction in Flight

The inherent equilibrium of the natural world is the driving influence in the beautifully crafted sculpture of Steve Mace.

Head in the Clouds 75x100cm

Robert Hewer’s work predominantly focuses on the face & human figure, using their physical structure as a vehicle for exploration in to creating form and shape with paint.

'Lotus' by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf 75x75

The viewer senses immediately when in the presence of a painting by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf that some profound questioning is taking place about what it is to be this woman and to live as a woman at this moment in time.

Borrowed Blue by Sophie Capron

Behind the physicality of Sophie Capron’s highly textured paintings, richly made up of layers and painterly marks, there lies a fascination with the constantly evolving impact of human presence on the environment.

sunlit uplands 1 36x36

The vast expansive landscape of the North of England, the rugged moorland, the weathered outcrops of stone, the old mining scars now half reclaimed by nature, have captivated and inspired Paul Denham.