Martin Goold

Experience of place is central to Martin Goold’s artistic activity. Goold likes to work with atmospheric conditions.


Amy Albright

Amy has developed a visual language that alludes to the interconnecting natural forms and patterns that surround us.

Waterloo Bridge II  by Suchi Chidambaram

Suchi Chidambaram

Suchi Chidambaram paints dynamic urban landscapes that express the energy, motion and vibrancy of cities that she associates with.

Violet Lilies (2)

Edward Kelly

His paintings reflect his engagement with the relationship of the elemental force of nature and the dynamic of abstract painting.


Donna Goold

Goold has chosen to concentrate her work on the coast, where the most intense colours are found, the light from the sky bounces off the sea.


Sonia Stanyard

Subtle and delicate shifts of colour, calm expanses of reflected light, or deeply glowing twilight atmospheres.

Morning Walk 64x82framed £1500

Jeannette Hayes

Alive with a dynamic expressive energy the landscapes of Jeannette Hayes resonate with a liberated optimistic creativity.

Noisy street 41x55 in a 57x71 frame

Kathy Little

Animated brushwork, flowing surfaces of paint, and drawn line that inscribes the surface characterize the evocative landscapes of Kathy Little.

richardson beach 80x64

Heather Duncan

Heather’s paintings wholeheartedly affirm one of the most profound of all human characteristics, the sense of belonging.


Steve Mace

Mace is interested in how balance is maintained through sequences and paths of directional movement.

02 Watching the Rain Dance 100cm x 100cm by Louise McClary

Louise McClary

Enthralling painterly conjuring radiates from the paintings of Louise McClary.

01 Heligan Lace Cap 80cm x 90cm SOLD

Elisa McLeod

Mysterious and poetic atmospheres emanate from the finely crafted paintings of Elisa McLeod.


Susan Laughton

Quietly and with a sense of mystery, the carefully ordered and finely crafted surfaces of Laughton’s paintings reveal reference points in the landscape.

cascade of light No.1 83cm x 83cm

Paul Denham

The vast expansive landscape of the North of England and its rugged moorland, have captivated and inspired Paul Denham throughout his painting career.

fire 122x92

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf