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‘AMY ALBRIGHT – THE GOLDEN HOUR’ 24th May – 16th june 2023

‘AMY ALBRIGHT – THE GOLDEN HOUR’ 24th May – 16th june 2023


A Solo Exhibition by AMY ALBRIGHT 24th May – 16th June 2023

It is with great pleasure we announce the Solo Exhibition of Amy Albright’s latest oil paintings, ‘The Golden Hour’.

Amy was part of our first ever exhibition in 2009, and has been at the absolute front of the gallery’s success over the last 14 years. She has received numerous awards over the last decade, most recently winning the Outstanding Award at the E.Sun Awards Taiwan. 

This beautiful new body of work features a stronger colour palette than previous series, that we believe will bring delight to all those that have followed and collected her work over the years.  

It seems particularly apt to also announce that Artwave West has won the UK ENTERPRIZE AWARD for The Best Contemporary Art Gallery in the South West – more details coming next month! 

Behind-the-scenes photo of contemporary artist Amy Albright sitting in her studio surrounded by large canvas paintings and painting equipment

Introduction by Amy: “My paintings continue to be influenced by my love for the natural world, its vastness as well as the delicate details that sometimes go unnoticed. Living on the North coast of Cornwall, I have been captivated by the dramatic skies we have here, full of life, constantly moving, one minute clear, next minute about to pour. I have been particularly captivated by the changing light at dusk, the golden hour, when a warm evening glow appears; pinks and ochres taking over the sky, a beautiful atmospheric changing vision. I continue to explore my chosen medium of oil paint, experimenting and finding new ways to express my subject. Pours, spills against intricate details and lines, playing with juxtaposition and thinking in a more abstract vision in many paintings from this series.

Often a painting starts with a memory, I want to capture a sense of place, an emotion, I have enjoyed using some brighter colours and different tonal pairing for this series and relished in the process of painting, adding and revealing layer upon layer of paint. 

Influences have come from time on the water sketching on my stand up paddle board, the rivers edge, where the trees gently greet the water. Time spent in Scotland last year on a residency where again the dramatic changing skies and weather informed my work.  As well as closer to home, photos taken underwater whilst snorkelling along the Cornish coast. Keynvor is Cornish for Ocean, my love and respect for the sea is never ending and I feel so privileged to be able to continue to communicate this through my work.