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‘Watermarks’ Amy Albright Solo Exhibition 3rd – 26th November 2021

‘Watermarks’ Amy Albright Solo Exhibition 3rd – 26th November 2021

3rd – 26th november 2021

amy albright – watermarks

Amy Albright has been represented at Artwave West since it opened in 2009. Subsequently, she has achieved considerable well-deserved success including: a commission to create four enormous paintings for SAGA’s brand-new ship, ‘Spirit of Discovery’, exhibiting at The Reg Arts Centre in New York, and publishing a ten years Celebratory Artist Book of her work. Not to mention the numerous new collectors filling their walls with her beautiful, evocative paintings along the way!

Cornish contemporary artist Amy Albright working on painting in art studio

“Following a period of time connecting with my Cornish surroundings more than ever, I have strived to make a body of work which shows, in varied forms, my love for the water and in particular the water’s edge. Whether that might be where the sea meets sand in ‘Vast Drama’ or the reflections in a puddle or river as captured in ‘Ever-shifting vision’. 

I enjoy swimming and paddle boarding on rivers and lakes and I wanted to explore different view-points in my work. I have been experimenting further with my chosen and well-loved medium of oil paint, using it in an ink like consistency, pouring and splashing it just like my subject itself.  I hope that my paintings bring a sense of calm but also intrigue. The details we often by-pass in nature is celebrated in my work; the intricate sand channels, feathers, fossils and water surface ripples.”