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A Sense of Harmony 1st-25th June 2021

A Sense of Harmony 1st-25th June 2021

1st-25th June 2021


Accompanied by Gallery Artists

Kathy Little studied at the Royal College of Art until 1982 and now lives and works in the North West of England. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and selective exhibitions including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. She has work in both private and public collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum. She was selected to exhibit at the Discerning Eye Exhibition in London, winning regional prizes for three successive years and has been solely represented by Artwave West for eleven years.

Animated brushwork, flowing surfaces of paint, and drawn line that inscribes the surface characterize the evocative paintings of Kathy Little. 

Following developmental sketches, her final paintings are made more from the experience and memory of place. This sense that the image can evolve and develop during the process of painting gives the work a freedom of expression.

‘Way Over Yonder’ a contemporary painting by British artist Kathy Little, Acrylic on canvas, 78cm x 78cm framed
‘Way Over Yonder’ by Kathy Little, Acrylic on canvas, 78cm x 78cm framed

This new body of work has been created using a limited palette of just three or four colours. Kathy was intrigued to explore the restrictions and possibilities this would present. The more familiar she became with the subtle shifts in colour and harmony, the further she explored the potential of this new approach.

By adding and subtracting tiny amounts of pigment she was able to mix a wide range of tonal and saturated colours which worked together and enabled her to capture a certain mood and emotion in an abstract image.

Working without a fixed image in mind and using a process of layering and subtracting to achieve new compositions and colour combinations has allowed the paintings to evolve and develop in an experimental and intuitive way.